A Diagnosis,  A Mission, and a Better Way Forward

Our story began in the Spring of 2005, when Brian was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes while serving as a Helicopter Pilot in the United States Navy. Brian was determined to live a life without limits while living with this disease. He maintained a healthy, active lifestyle while managing his diabetes. While closely managing his diabetes, the challenge was that he would often get low blood sugar while exercising.

He was not satisfied with the options others were using to manage their low blood sugar; juices, soda, candy bars, candy, and foods with extra calories, carbs, corn syrup, and fructose.

Gluconfidence was created.  Made with All Natural Ingredients. Designed by People with Diabetes, For People with Diabetes. Concentrated. Convenient.  Confidence. 

Our Team

We are a passionate team, managing the daily ups and downs of living with diabetes. Who better to create a convenient option for blood sugar management than a T1D that understands the daily challenges?

Our mission is to create the best products possible for People with Diabetes. We saw a gap in the market for a healthy product to manage lows, so we created an organic glucose that tastes good!

We are proud to personally use these products in our daily lives.