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Fast Acting Liquid Glucose

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All Natural Liquid Glucose in a Convenient 2-oz Bottle

Here at Gluconfidence, we believe in better because people with diabetes have enough daily challenges.  People on insulin make over 300 decisions every single day to manage their diabetes. Studies have shown that there are over 42 factors that impact blood glucose levels.  We developed Gluconfidence to ease the burden of low blood sugars. Our organic, lemon-flavored glucose is a tool that people with diabetes will find helpful in their day to day lives.

When we designed Gluconfidence, we were looking for a fast, great tasting solution for our lows, without the additional carbs, calories, and corn syrup we were getting from junk food.  We wanted to fuel our bodies with organic,
all natural ingredients.

Our goal is to help people with diabetes to live a life without limits and Gluconfidence can help:

• Concentrated: 2 oz. bottle containing 15 grams of fast-acting carbs

• Convenient: take it virtually everywhere (work, home, the gym, movies)

• Great tasting: delicious lemon flavor


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Our new, certified organic formula has the T1D community talking...

See Gluconfidence in action during a low blood sugar event on a cross-country flight

The Value of a Quick Rebound

People with diabetes know that a quick rebound during a low blood sugar event is important. The image above is an example of Gluconfidence in action!  Notice the full recovery shortly after Gluconfidence was consumed, without over treatment. 

What Our Customers Think...

“I was quite impressed at how pleasant it tasted - it’s the best glucose shot I’ve ever had."