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“My mom is a type 2 diabetic because of her pancreatic cancer. She has Gluconfidence stored in every room of the house, and even in her car. If her blood sugar ever drops she takes a “shot” of Gluconfidence and it instantly brings her # up to 20-25 points. She enjoys the taste and would recommend it to anyone!”

— Jamie

“Got to give a shoutout to Gluconfidence! It is quite literally a shot. It was really quite good!"

— @ftfwarrior

“@gluconfidence: thank you for saving my butt at the airport!”

— @manoftzeel

“We received out order and have already placed a new order! These are actually for my daughter. They are working great with her and she loves the flavor. She had a soccer game last week and we couldn’t get her sugars up. With all the juice boxes and granola bars she had to consume she awful and full. She is a senior and will be playing in college, so we are looking forward to many years with you product!”

— Nikki

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