Baylor University NCAA women's basketball player with T-1 diabetes

Lauren Cox: Baylor University 2019 NCAA Basketball Champion


Lauren Cox is the starting forward on the 2019 NCAA Championship Basketball Team at Baylor University.  Lauren competes at the highest levels, while managing her glucose levels with the help of a consistent diet, and the support team at Baylor.  In this Podcast, we learn about how Lauren prepares for games, and how she maintains her competitive edge and excels while living with T1 Diabetes.

Lauren Cox grew up active and engaged in lots of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and name it, she played it! Lauren was always an active child in school, coming first in school races, or at least among the first three finishers. But when, at age seven, she came eight in a race, her mother knew that something was off. Before that race, Lauren had shown the typical symptoms of diabetes, but her parents hadn’t thought too much of it. It was the race that caused her parents to take her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.

Lauren is a basketball player with the Lady Bears National Basketball team and is a student of Baylor University.

Lauren remembers she was at her sister’s soccer training when her mother got the call from the hospital informing her that she had Type-1 diabetes. She says the first few weeks after her diagnosis were hard for everyone: her mother who had to learn how to take care of a child with Type-1 diabetes, and herself, who had to learn about all of these big medical words, start counting carbs, and begin testing her blood sugar.

While these experiences have been challenging, Lauren says she has had a great support system: her parents have been helpful, allowing her to play sports, and her endocrinologist is always there with medical help and support whenever she needs it.

Lauren’s journey as a Type-1 diabetic athlete has not been easy, as she had to endure the “weird stare” from her classmates whenever she had to take care of herself.

Lauren’s dietary habits consist of fruits, veggies, and a lot of regulated foods. When she started with the regimented foods, she found it hard, but she soon adjusted and has been having a good life ever since.

Lauren is an inspiration to young athletes living with Type-1 diabetes, and she consistently pushes herself to be the best version of herself that she can be.

When she’s had to travel for games, Lauren packs extra supplies to make sure that she’ll be able to handle any Type-1 challenges while she’s away.

She understands that there will be times when you will do everything that you need to do – check blood sugar, have the correct insulin injections, etc. – but still not have a stable blood sugar. In cases like these, Lauren advises everyone to stay calm and carefully, but intentionally, deal with the situation.

“Never beat yourself up when things don’t go according to plan,” Lauren says.

This podcast was an especially inspiring one as Lauren was very forthcoming and honest with her stories.

Lauren says she’s grateful for how much technology has helped Type-1 diabetics to manage their health and be the best they can be. However, when she was asked what improvements in technology she’d like, Lauren said she’d love it if there was a test strip to know if insulin was still good or not.

Lauren Cox’s journey further proves that living with type-1 diabetes is not a death sentence. Lauren’s story is an inspiration.  

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