firefighter aaron sherman with type-1 diabetes

Aaron Sherman: EMT in Training


In Episode 17, we hear from Aaron Sherman, and his Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes just before leaving home to go off to College.  The Diagnosis changed Aaron's life, and his ultimate College destination, but through a positive attitude and spirit, Aaron successfully navigated the changes, gained perspective, and is currently pursuing a career as an EMT.  I enjoyed our conversation! 

A few days before Aaron was to start college, he was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes. In this podcast, I speak with Aaron Sherman about his journey as a Type-1 diabetic, his involvement with diabetic advocacy in college, and everything in between.

It was only a day before Aaron was about to leave for college when the symptoms of Type-1 diabetes became too serious to be ignored and his trip to Orlando to begin college was stopped. He was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes shortly thereafter and was immediately hooked on insulin. His blood-sugar level was 629!

Aaron was not unfamiliar with Diabetes, but the reality of living with such a chronic sickness was different than merely understanding a textbook definition. However, Aaron isn’t the type of person who allows his circumstances to dictate how he should live his life.

The severity of Aaron’s situation meant he could no longer go to college in Orlando, but he found love, peace, and purpose in the college in his hometown, Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Before his diagnosis in 2013, Aaron had several diabetic episodes that he didn’t take seriously. While in high school and on a trip to Israel and Poland, he became seriously ill and had difficulties waking up one morning.

After his diagnosis, Aaron chose to live his life and become a voice for other people suffering from Type-1 diabetes. In the early months after his diagnosis, Aaron took long walks at night, visited the gym like he did before his diagnosis, and lived his life how he wanted.

Aaron was motivated to start a community of Type-1 diabetics while attending Florida Atlantic University. He met with health experts in college and was given the go-ahead to start his community.

Where many people would be distraught and broken after their diagnosis, Aaron was determined to use his story to inspire others. He was actively involved in Type-1 diabetes awareness and advocacy, and he started a Type-1 diabetes network at FAU.

Aaron is studying to become a firefighter after he left his earlier employment as a town and acquisition specialist. He says he didn’t enjoy the job because he had to sit in the office all day.

Aaron says a bionic pancreas would be a great addition to the already many tools and tech devices available to people living with Type-1 diabetes. He thinks that bionic pancreas’ would help diabetics to better manage their health.

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